Customer Delight – Key to Indian e-commerce success

A close look into the Indian e-commerce space reveals a sudden spike in the number of e-commerce sites launched last year. Most of these sites are well funded by VC’s both local and aboard. Going through few of the sites its evident most of these sites are offering a great number of deals, offers and many promise impossible growth and fancy valuations . But the big question how many of these sites will succeed in the future.

With so many players in the space it becomes clear that every other is offering the same product at the same price what becomes vital is to differentiate through pure customer delight. Unfortunately the concentration is now on quantity then quality leaving a few sites like flipkart and myntra many players concentrate on offering more deals and offers than owning up the end to end user experience. Managing the end to end experience is the key to customer delight. I have tried to list few  important stages of a user journey

1) Search / Discovery
2) Selecting the product
3) Comparison / review
4) Payment
5) Delivery and the wait
6) Out of the box experience
7) Product / Service experience
8) Returns and Customer support
9) Notifications and feedback

Each stage is important and offers great insights into user behavior and expectations. A detailed analysis of the context and each stage will help designers to identify the most important touch points . Connecting the dots will deliver a unified experience across the site.

For many user experience stops with the online shopping experience but the real user experience starts once the purchase is made. Since there is no instant gratification like offline shopping its important to keep the buyers engaged till the product reaches them.

For more reading: Read Adam Richardson’s post of costumer experience :

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